Tuesday, November 16, 2010


OK...I admit it...
I love this project.
It inspires me every year.

Here are the beginning of my musings...

Amy Mullins is an athlete, model, actress, and public speaker...she had her legs amputated at the age of one due to a medical condition...here she talks about the changing face of prosthetics and social issues surrounding being "handicapped".
"Quite simply, she redefines what the body can be." (from the Ted website)

Then there is Stelarc

An artist whose work deals with the body...technology and prosthetics...
He just had an extra ear surgically implanted onto his arm that will be fitted with Bluetooth technology to make it operational.
Worth checking him out.

Moving to fashion inspiration...

Alexander McQueen
was a fashion genius.
There is too much to say about him...so just check out his work.
You can watch his runway shows on his website...
You will not be disappointed.


Maison Martin Margiela
He is a Belgian designer with a non-traditional take on fashion...
He is discreet...avant-garde...and marks his collections with only numbers...
He also has a SICK website.

Stay tuned...
more coming soon.

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