Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I know each of you have different directives for your book projects...so while some of these examples may not directly apply to your assignments...
thought it might be good for inspiration...there is a large variety of techniques and materials that may just get that hamster wheel in your head turning...

Andrea Dezso not only does amazing book and journal work...check out her embroidery, video and sculpture too.

Lizzie Thomas

Mike Stilkey...does "book sculptures" and installations

a BLOG about art and language

book WORK by various artists from a past exhibition at Minneapolis' Walker Art Center (which is AWESOME and you should visit)

Ed Ruscha
did a number of artists books...many a sort of visual catalog approach like his Twentysix Gasoline Stations and Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass

and of course...Cornish's own Dan Schafer

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